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Stem Cells

Regenerative medicine using FDA-approved sources of stem cells can help patients develop new and healthy tissue, muscle or tendons, reducing pain and improving mobility...READ MORE

Growth Factors

Growth factors, a naturally occurring molecule found extensively in the blood's platelets can stimulate a quicker recovery from injuries...READ MORE

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

Using your own platelets to help generate new and healthy tissue, muscles, tendons or ligaments at the site of an injury is becoming a common option to help avoid surgery...READ MORE




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Conditions We Treat

What area of the body is giving you problems? Regenerative medicine can help alleviate many of the most common ailments that plague aging athletes as well as anyone noticing problems with any of these areas.

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Advancements in Stem Cell and Biologics

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Staying on top of the latest in regenerative medicine is critical for Dr. Nash to provide the most advanced treatments to his patients. Dr. Nash and his partner, Dr. Pruski (pictured center) were invited to attend Tissue Tech in 2018 to learn more about the latest developments with stem cells and biologics by Dr. Shaffer Tseng (pictured right), Director of Research & Development of Tissue Tech, Inc., Medical Director and Consultant of Bio-Tissue, Inc., and Director of Research & Development of Bio-Lipid, Inc.


Areas We Serve

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