Comprehensive Evaluation

Proper treatment begins with a thorough workup. Dr. Nash does not believe in 'cookie cutter' medicine and the first step is listening to the patient.

Multi-disciplinary Approach

Nutrition, vitamin supplementation, metabolic support, Endocrine care, mind-body techniques, manipulation, neuromuscular retraining.


Frequently patients have a component of nerve related pain that can be diagnosed, leading to a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

Neuromodulation and Other Innovative Treatments

Regenerative Medicine with Stem Cell and Growth Factors as well as Protein Rich Plasma (PRP) allow many to avoid surgery, and neuromodulation treatments which can re-program chronic pain.

Advanced Laboratory

We believe in a thorough workup to evaluate for autoimmune disorders, inflammatory states, metabolic irregularities, and endocrine imbalance which can affect your pain state.

Smart Procedures

With rapid advances in medicine, we can harness the most advanced guidance and imaging to ensure injection procedures place medicine in the target site. Dr. Nash employs the latest ultrasound, fluoroscopic, and electromyographic guidance.