C.J. Fiedorowicz


CJ retired from the NFL in March 2018 at the young age of 26. He was the No. 65 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, and unfortunately, had to hang up his spikes due to numerous impairing injuries.  

After years of playing professional football, his body has taken, and given, plenty of beatings. CJ came to me with deep pain in both shoulders and knees. CJ received injections of biologic stem cells into both shoulders and both knees to reduce pain sensations and promote healing in these areas. 

Check back for an update on CJ's progress. Thank you, CJ, for trusting me with your recovery journey.

Dr. Ed Nash



David Duke

Dr. Nash (left) with David Duke (right) just before his procedure.

Dr. Nash (left) with David Duke (right) just before his procedure.


“I was referred to Dr. Nash after surgery to remove a pilonidal cyst – which is a sac filled with debris and hair that occurs in the area at the top of the crease of the buttocks overlying the tailbone. This cyst and overlying skin in the area became infected, forming a painful abscess. I describe it as the mother of all ingrown hairs on your tailbone that is horribly infected and spreads out like an octopus, eating the bone and nerve tissues. These cysts are notoriously painful and difficult to get rid of.  It made sitting incredibility painful and difficult.

After surgery to remove it, healing was difficult.  The pain was getting worse instead of better – it was not pain from the actual surgery, but nerve pain.  The cyst had damaged my spinal cord. I went to several physicians over the past few years, but none of them knew how to treat this or even where to refer me.   

I was finally referred to Dr. Nash by a neurologist that knows his experience and success with regenerative medicine, helping patients in pain, suffering from difficult conditions. After meeting him and a thorough evaluation, I felt very comfortable with the treatment plan he developed for me. Three rounds of ultrasound guided injections of amniotic fluid. After the first round, I seemed noticeably better, which gave me hope.  After the second round, I felt confident that we were making significant improvements and wanted to wean myself off the nerve pain medications that had given me horrible side effects. This was a huge accomplishment for me. My pain level went from consistently being around a 7-9, down to a 2-3. I’m not seeing much of a difference after this last round, but am still hopeful - this may not cure my condition 100%but it has significantly improved it.   

I am sharing my experience of this horrific condition that led me to Dr. Nash, and how he has drastically improved my life, when no other doctor was willing or able to help me.  I have done extensive research on pilonidal cysts and read many stories about people feeling hopeless and in fear they will live the rest of their life in debilitating pain – even attempts of suicide. If my story can bring hope to just one person, it is absolutely worth sharing.”



Leah Moody

Leah with Dr. Nash after her procedure

Leah with Dr. Nash after her procedure


“Stemming from an injury at 12 years old, I developed arthritis, had four bulging discs and sciatica. I couldn’t even sleep because the pain was so bad.

I had been to several other doctors, but they just wanted to mask my symptoms. Dr. Nash has been one of the most supportive doctors I have ever had. He’s the only one that said, “Let’s fix it!”...and he did!

Two weeks after my first visit with him, my pain was gone. My quality of life has resumed!

Dr. Nash is world class – always greets me with a smile and a hug. He personally gave me his cell phone and email. He truly wants to help and improve his patients’ lives.


THANK YOU, Dr. Nash!”